Bill Cosby: Why His Confessions Have Proven What We All Feared

Well the proof is in the pudding, Jell-O pudding pops that is. Bill Cosby’s 2005 deposition has been released, revealing one startling fact: Americans would rather believe a wealthy man than 47 scorn women.

Judge Robreno disclosed on Monday, July 6th that Bill Cosby admitted to both drugging and raping women in the 70’s. Obviously nothing could be done to “America’s favorite father” because of the statute of limitations law; however the judge claimed his reasons behind unsealing the documents was a result of Cosby’s continuous need to position himself as a “public moralist”.  That fact paired with the stark contrast between criticisms of the black community and his personal immoralities was astounding. The judge decided that the public needed to know the truth.

Once this information hit the media Cosby supporters were appalled and quickly turned their backs. Among the supporters, R&B and Soul singer, Jill Scott took to twitter to as a means for expressing her disgust, “I stood by a man I respected and loved, I was wrong. It hurts!!!”  The remaining networks that continued to air The Cosby Show have canceled its syndication. Even Disney has backed out of their support by removing his bust following the wake of his sworn testimony.

Not everyone has changed their minds about The Cos though. Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Symone, co-hosts of The View, have continued in their claims that not enough evidence has been presented.

Does the 2005 testimony cement the allegations against the actor/comedian? Does Bill Cosby’s moral finger waging while hypocritically engaging in immoral acts mean his legacy is null and void? Should Whoopi Goldberg and Raven Symone be marked the village idiots for their loyalty to Bill Cosby?

Here’s my two cents:

When the allegations first hit the media earlier this year, I quickly became offended. I would rant about the unfair demonization of prominent black figures and refused to deem him guilty by public opinion alone.

When I got wind of Monday’s news I, like Jill Scott had to swallow the hard pill that the creator of positive black imagery on television is really a serial rapist. Ouch. The truth hurts!

Facts are facts and if you continue in a faulty opinion, even when faced with hardcore evidence, you are foolish.

So am I implying that Goldberg and Symone are foolish?  In short, yes!  if they choose to stay in darkness then so be it, it’s their opinion and are free to express.

I am more so dumbfounded by Hollywood’s sudden desire to dismantle a person’s artistic endeavors based upon moral standards.

Woody Allen was allegedly having sex with his underage stepdaughter and once she came of age divorced his wife and married her. He was not found guilty in a court of law of molestation, yet logically, you would assume that his desire for his stepdaughter didn’t start the day she turned 18. Be that as it may, Allen’s star on the walk of fame has not been removed and as a matter of fact was recently honored.

But wait, there’s more!

Roman Polanski allegedly raped and sodomized a 13 year old only to receive an Oscar for “The Pianist”. Sean Connery is a celebrated actor who has openly admitted that in order to win an argument with a woman it is absolutely right to open hand slap her. John Lennon, a beloved artist whose music has influenced generations, has been documented and said himself that he had a problem with physically abusing women. R. Kelly urinated on young girls and before his bodily liquids could dry we were stepping in the name of love and confessing that He saved me.

It seems to me that morality trumps violent abuse against women only for SOME prominent figures.

Am I in any way an advocate for celebrating societies sick and twisted yet gifted individuals? No. I do believe we should make it fair across the board. Withdraw Oscar’s, remove stars, dismantle statues, discontinue music play, cease movies from the big screens, take shows off syndication of EVERY individual who engages in abuse against women whether it has been proven in a court of law or not.

Does this ideal sound far-fetched? Maybe.

If we are “pretending” to be such a moral and upstanding society that abhors perversions, injustice, and violence then let’s dig deep into our fabric and finally admit that systematic racism is STILL a problem in this country.  Lets work to finally give the Native Americans credit for discovering the USA and strip Christopher Columbus of his title as the “founder” of North America.

Is that a stretch? A tad.

The point is, we are all hypocrites. Admit it and remedy it.

Ugh. How am I supposed to watch my favorite episode of “The Cosby Show” without cringing at the sight of Cliff Huxstable!