How to Feel Free: Limitless Living

“Caged birds accept each other but flight is what they long for” ~Tennesse Williams


Are you feeling stuck? Do you often daydream about being free and not sure how to get there? Maybe I can help!

Good Morning!!!

Personally, I am not a fan of closed in places. Elevators, apartments with few windows, cubicles in the middle of the floor, narrow hallways… they all give the same feeling: TRAPPED.

It reminds me of my aunt’s doves.They were male and female that shared a single cage. Although they had a companion, they were flustered and frequently tried to break free. My aunt thought they needed more space, one that would allow a little flying room. Even with the change in surroundings, they were unhappy.She finally separated them in two different cages, and that is where they settled into a very mundane existence.

Finally, after about 20 years of ownership, she took them to the most beautiful park. The trees were plentiful, there were fountains, and other birds all floating around enjoying themselves. It was a birds element. Their natural environment.

When she opened the cage, they took one look, stretched their legs, and turned their backs. They were very uninterested. She tried pushing them out of the cage with a little nudge from her finger, still nothing. She ended up giving them away to a passerby in hopes that they would find some happiness, caged in someone else’s home.

How sad, right?

Well a lot of us live our lives just like the caged birds. We feel the urge to be free and blindly attempt to achieve it but eventually, give up and accept a sad life.

I don’t think this is how we were designed to live, though. No matter how old you are at any point, you can be free. Are you willing to take the steps necessary, that’s the real question?

I felt stuck last month. My mind was blocked, and no matter what I tried I just couldn’t seem to shake it. I didn’t understand it because my environment was not restricting in any way.

That’s when I started to look within. I realized that my “stuck” feeling was a moment from my past in which I was holding on for dear life. It was very negative, and I could do without it nonetheless, I clung to it as if it were apart of me.

And in fact, it was. It defined me. This event formed the boundaries in my mind and created an internal environment that trapped me no matter where I was in the outside world.

I had to face the music and deal with the memory. It was not a beautiful sight. I soaked up my pillows with tears of pain like I was a newborn baby. After the release of those emotions, I felt a little light but still…trapped.

I finally found an exit through meditation, prayer, and acceptance.

So how about you? I know you are ready to embrace the results but are you prepared to deal with what you have been ignoring?

See, it doesn’t matter if you end a relationship, quit a job, or escape to the furthest corners of the earth. You are trapped from within my friend.

Do yourself a favor and DEAL WITH IT.

Let’s try something together, shall we? Close your eyes and bring that memory to the forefront. See it play out, feel the pain, CRY. Now take a deep breath and exhale it. Repeatedly.

Eventually, you will have to forgive yourself and the person/people. That will take some time, but for now, take another deep breath and exhale this time say Om (hold on to the “m” until it starts to vibrate throughout your body)

When you have given that exercise about 20 minutes, walk over to the mirror and repeat this mantra to yourself: “I am moving forward, and I accept happiness today.”

So, what do you think? If you tried the suggestion comment and let me know if it helped or not.

I’ll see you on the other side of freedom my friend



Go on!



I hear the cries from the graves of slaves

Calling out to my destiny, guiding me through the maze


The drumbeat of my heritage calls out to my spirit

Though faint and dismal my heart can hear it


You are my strength and what I dreamed of

When they lashed my body and compelled my blood


When they harassed and stalked us-even made us a mockery

We closed our eyes and visualized you so we continued through the debauchery


A glimmer of our imagination thwarted us into the future

To see you free from physical oppression and void of users


We struggled through to create you!


Do not be fooled by the labels

Unearthed by the fables

That we were feeble beings


Do not be choked by the subconscious noose

Removed by the klans bearing false truths

You are the descendant of the very brave

NOT anemic slaves!


You can do more than fight one another

Succeed at gathering foolish clutter

Living life dependent on a mindset festering from the gutter

You were our hope!


The beauty that arose from a past of ashes

The phoenix that survived the thrashes

The colorful rainbow that inspired us in masses


You are what happens to a people that refuse to be trampled!

Resisted the urge to be mantled

Contorted the notion that we could be strangled

Combated the relentless scrutiny that left us scrambled




Go on O offspring and make our survival count

Go on descendants and break barriers

Go on our dear ones become presidents, rulers, entrepreneurs, inventors, philanthropists, billionaire’s and people of great influence!

GO ON!!!!