A Letter To The Daughters Of The World

Dear Daughter,

How are you today? No, really… HOW ARE YOU?  I know  this world can be so cold and judgmental but its austere disposition is a bit harsher towards you than your male counterparts. You are expected to be  intellectual yet are treated dim witted. You are trained to know your place BUT  are required to create space for yourself in a male dominated and ego eccentric society.  Really my lovely…. HOW ARE YOU?

Depending on the part of the Earth in which you reside you are bombarded with conflicting images of who you should be. On one hand being beautiful and sexy is viewed as alluring even almost an unspoken requirement. The Media  suggests that you shake your “booty”, open your legs, and sex your way to the life you want. Yet on the other hand, when you give in to the temptation to neglect your mental capability and misuse the power of enticement your fore mothers NATURALLY passed on to you, the same mediums used to influence this “demotion” in stature are the same that ostracize you. My precious sweet heart.. please tell me,  HOW ARE YOU?

In history books you are depicted as the weaker vessel. Someone who is in need and helpless. Reclining in life and seeking not to change the world or claim territory BUT only to exist beside him. Because, my dear, according to them that is all you are… property. Story after story, fable after fable, and tale after tale display you as the whimsical princess whom is restricted in power and limited in your ability. BUT MY SWEET PRECIOUS PEARL there is much more to you than that.

You can rule an entire nation with dignity as Queen Elizabeth or you can rule your province with knowledge and military skill as Queen Amina. Your feminine wile’s can influence many men as Queen Cleopatra or you can wage in battles and become a great military leader as Lady Fu Hao. You could be a great thinker as Simone de Beauvoir or become  a billionaire with mass influence like Oprah Winfrey. All I am saying is that your soft features, curvy body, and dimpled cheeks are not all that you have going for you. You are a WOMAN… something to take great pride in.

Now, my beautiful daughter, who has the world at her feet,  HOW ARE YOU TODAY?