RHOA: Why Phaedra Parks Is a Fraud

If you are a reality TV addict then you probably were watching last night’s episode of Real housewives of Atlanta in shock. Phaedra Parks, the lawyer and woman who wears many hats (literally), was the highlight of the episode. The recently divorced mother of two displayed just how over the top she could be by having not one but two bodyguards escort her home (insert eye roll here). Then she had a few preachers come over and perform an exorcism followed by a dramatic near purse slapping attempt on Kenya Moore.

Where should I start with this monstrosity? Shall I begin with a brief scoff at the fact that Phaedra actually thought she needs more protection than A-list celebrities? How about a hearty laugh at how she had the preacher cast out demons in her home only to act like one later at dinner? Or maybe I will reflect on all of her earlier antics and declare that she is the biggest fraud of them all, yeah even bigger than her now ex-husband Apollo. I think I will start there.

Phaedra. Phaedra. Phaedra. She is NOTORIOUS for telling fibs in hopes that her viewing public will take the bait and actually believe she is as innocent as she looks.  Take her first pregnancy for instance. She lied about her due date so she could present the image of a woman married before pregnancy.  She also lied about Kenya being inappropriate with her husband, which her own best friend, Kandi, read the text messages and decided it was not true. These are all lightweight compared to the lie that makes her a fraud. What lie is that, you ask? The one that told to keep up the facade of an innocent woman married to a temperamental ex con who committed fraud right under her nose and undetected.

Are we that foolish to believe that a LAWYER married a man she knew had a record and had no idea how he was making a living? The woman is obviously intelligent, she did get Bobby Brown out of several legal jams; so how are we to believe that the expensive car, clothes, and spending habits of Apollo went unnoticed by her? Possibly because Apollo willingly accepted a guilty plea and took full responsibility, as any man should have done in their situation. However this doesn’t let Phaedra off the hook. He didn’t accept the guilty plea and admit to acting alone because it was the truth, he did it because he knew one of them had to take care of the children and the best person to do so, the bread-winner, was Phaedra.

Did she know he was involved in those activities, YES! Stevie Wonder could see that obvious notion. Was she involved in the scam herself? Possibly. All I know is, it is highly unlikely that the two were living together and weren’t aware of each other’s business ventures. Which makes me wonder if she could have been a part of it herself? If that is the case it would clearly explain Apollo’s irrational behavior. She not only didn’t show up to his sentencing but would not let him see his children. What else would drive a man to the brink of insanity?

One last tidbit, the girl is a lawyer which is another word for SKILLED LIAR.

This is just my two cents though, and yes this is Shade!