Why Did Michelle Obama Challenge Beyonce to “Gimme Five”?

Today marks Michelle Obama’s 5 year anniversary campaigning her infamous initiative, “Let’s Move”.  To commemorate this occasion, the First Lady challenged the talented pop singer and entertainer, Beyoncé, to “gimme five”.  Beyoncé gladly accepted and posted a video in response.

The challenge was actually extended to everyone who is willing to take part. Mrs. Obama asked that everyone upload videos of themselves doing 5 things that are positive contributors to their health.

Beyoncé’s video detailed 5 various exercises that she includes in her daily routine. And to think, you guys actually believe that Beyonce is one of the celebs who would solve her weight gain by “sucking” it out! Well she is one of the very few who work hard at maintaining a beautiful physique that we all would love to emulate.

Is this challenge worth it? Here is my two cents: it’s better than that dumb ALS ice bucket challenge. Yeah I said it, dumping ice water on your head was doing what to bring awareness to ALS? NOTHING. I never took the challenge because I didn’t get the correlation.  Please note, I did not state that ALS is dumb.  It is heartbreaking to know that there is no cure for this disease. If you are suffering from ALS and are reading this, my heart goes out to you. By the way, how did I know that ALS has no cure without a single google search or can describe at least two symptoms? Luscious Lion from the critically acclaimed Fox television show, Empire of course.

Okay, so back on topic, “gimme five” is an excellent challenge and I totally love it! First Lady’s video with the President was super cute and reminds me why I love them so much.

So I will be posting my “gimme five” a little later today, after I eat a cheeseburger! Nah just kidding. As a 32-year-old who is fighting off pregnancy weight, I have taken my health seriously these days.

How about you?