How Kanye West’s Mentor May Have Given Him the Wrong Advice about Praise

Morning Messages with Queen McGlory

Rapper, Kanye West has shown a softer side of himself during an interview with BBC’s Zane Lowe. During the interview West spoke about fusion in culture then veered from the topic to speak about his late fashion mentor, Louise Wilson. While reflecting on his last encounter with the professor, he broke down in tears. It was refreshing to see a more in touch Kanye West, however, the advice given by his mentor was a bit off-putting.

Before giving over to his emotions, the rapper/designer, detailed his conversation with Wilson. He quoted, “She was asking me about my daughter and about my wife.  She said, ‘You know, so many students don’t give it their all. And the problem is, as soon as they do anything halfway good, when they’re two years old, three years old, their parents clap. Kanye, don’t clap.”

So let’s just clarify what his mentor was advising. It…

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