Why The Kardashian’s New 100 Million Dollar Contract with E! Exposes A Moral Problem with The American Viewer

Recently it has been announced that the Kardashians have negotiated a deal with E! Entertainment that will enhance their brand even further.  The deal details a lofty 100 million dollars and a four-year contract. As if we weren’t already nauseous with the constant bombarding of fake body parts and overly made up faces enough.

It is no secret how the Kardashians became America’s favorite family to hate and this is now the problem. We can’t get mad at these women for “pimping” the media and turning what is alleged a “leaked” sex tape into television shows, clothing, and million dollar making apps.  Who we can get mad at is the person staring us in the mirror every day: ourselves.

The fact that the American consensus is enamored with talentless, plastic, mock porn stars is telling. People often detest the Kardashians when really we should detest ourselves. The obsession with reality TV and all things phony over scripted television shows containing well thought out characters is a telltale sign that with each generation we are producing mindless twits. That was too harsh, wasn’t it? It is the truth.

The trends of today are influencing our women of tomorrow and convincing them that all they have to offer the world is their bodies.  Seriously, people are injecting their bottoms with anything just to get the “Kim Kardashian” look meanwhile ignoring the fact that we should embrace what has been given us and love ourselves AS IS.

I don’t know about you but I miss the days when the ideal woman was independent, natural, and smart-using her brain to get ahead of her male counterpart. The image that our feminist foremothers worked so hard to create and keep is slowly deteriorating and being replaced with the complete opposite. Thus hurting our youth and warping our future. Investigate for yourselves, walk into any high school and glance around. You will see little stripper wannabes parading the halls while the young men stand lifeless, drooling at the sight.

In other words, the ideal female empowerment of 2015 is to become some man’s “jerk off” material for the day.

Tsk. Tsk. America. You need a reality check!

In the words of Ice T, “Don’t hate the playa’, hate the game!”. If you want to change the “game” then make smart decisions and celebrate women who are equipped with integrity, ambition, and tenacity.

This is just my two cents.. No shade! Well a little.


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