Lord have mercy on my transparent soul

For I am vexed with a perspective that does on fit the mold

Transmitted into a formality that does not fit the status quo

Lord have mercy on my transparent soul!


As delicate a fixture that has been labeled damaged

I pull together my tattered emotions and find strength to manage

Yet the dysfunctional contemplation’s seem to unravel the bandage

Lord have mercy on my transparent soul!


Cursed with a heart that can easily pierce

Perplexed with thoughts that veil my fear

Erroneously treading on territory that is near

Lord have mercy on my transparent soul!


The bird that sings with melodious glee

The sun that arises and interrupts the darkness within me

The tree I pass that seems to wave harmoniously

Penetrate my gloom and speak to my being as a whole









Lazy… Lazy… Lazy!!!!

Hi Guys!!!

Sorry it has been so long but I must say I have been a preoccupied person lately. So now I am here sipping this lovely Eggnog Latte from Starbucks and must say… IT IS DIVINE!!!

To be brutally honest with you… I have been battling against a severe bout of laziness. Although I know I have many things to do and many goals to carry out… I find myself idle. Perhaps it is my ever-present desire to procrastinate when feeling pressured or possibly even my thought that nothing I do will ever be good enough. Or is there is another cause at play?

As a child my mother would call me lazy. Seriously I could accomplish 5 out of the 6 tasks she asked (well DEMANDED is more the word lol) of me and because the sixth either took longer or did not get completed I was a lazy person who would struggle through out life to get things done. So 18 years of being told the same thing at least a few times a week and PRESTO… we have a self fulfilled prophecy (or shall I say a transmitted fulfilled prophecy).

Am I truly lazy? Is anyone truly lazy? NO…. What you are facing is a plethora of other underlining issues such as:

lack of motivation

low self concept (disbelief that you are capable of accomplishing the task)

Plain dislike for the job at hand

Fear of failure or success

If you find yourself feeling lackadaisical about certain things try to either read a self-help or motivational quote, tell yourself you are well capable of carrying this task out and seeing it to completion, or be honest enough to admit that you are really not feeling this task and check if it is necessary to even pursue.

Remember you are not lazy… you just need an extra humph to get you going!