Go on!



I hear the cries from the graves of slaves

Calling out to my destiny, guiding me through the maze


The drumbeat of my heritage calls out to my spirit

Though faint and dismal my heart can hear it


You are my strength and what I dreamed of

When they lashed my body and compelled my blood


When they harassed and stalked us-even made us a mockery

We closed our eyes and visualized you so we continued through the debauchery


A glimmer of our imagination thwarted us into the future

To see you free from physical oppression and void of users


We struggled through to create you!


Do not be fooled by the labels

Unearthed by the fables

That we were feeble beings


Do not be choked by the subconscious noose

Removed by the klans bearing false truths

You are the descendant of the very brave

NOT anemic slaves!


You can do more than fight one another

Succeed at gathering foolish clutter

Living life dependent on a mindset festering from the gutter

You were our hope!


The beauty that arose from a past of ashes

The phoenix that survived the thrashes

The colorful rainbow that inspired us in masses


You are what happens to a people that refuse to be trampled!

Resisted the urge to be mantled

Contorted the notion that we could be strangled

Combated the relentless scrutiny that left us scrambled




Go on O offspring and make our survival count

Go on descendants and break barriers

Go on our dear ones become presidents, rulers, entrepreneurs, inventors, philanthropists, billionaire’s and people of great influence!

GO ON!!!!











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